The Power of Forest School!

Having fun at the Ugly Bug Ball!

Having fun at the Ugly Bug Ball!

I’ve had the pleasure for the last 6 weeks of working with some very nice folk from The Spinney Day Nursery in Hoole Village, Hoole, Chester.

The nursery has been running for around 15 years and looks after about 60 children and their families.

I’ve just been running some Forest School sessions there and had an absolute ball, literally! (See pic)

One little girl who had been away in China visiting family for an extended period of time had just returned not long before I started running the sessions, and had completely clammed up in the classrooms and activity rooms inside – I think she had just forgotten all of her English bless her; She was only 2 and a half! But, when she came out to Forest School she started speaking again! Fantastic!

THIS is the power of Forest School!


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